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Our Story


Na Laochra Camogie Club was founded in November 2021 by several like-minded Pittsburghers who wanted to finally make the dream of creating a camogie team again in Pittsburgh to action.  We were proud to represent the Midwest Division at the USGAA Finals in 2022, and in 2023 won the Junior B National Championship in Denver, Colorado.


What is Camogie?

Camogie is an Irish stick-and-ball team sport played by women; it is almost identical to the game of hurling played by men. It is organized by the Dublin-based Camogie Association.


The rules are almost identical to hurling, with a few exceptions.

  • Goalkeepers wear the same colors as outfield players. This is because no special rules apply to the goalkeeper and so there is no need for officials to differentiate between goalkeeper and outfielders.

  • A camogie player can handpass a score (forbidden in hurling since 1980)

  • Camogie games last 60 minutes, two 30-minute halves (senior inter-county hurling games last 70, which is two 35-minute halves). Ties are resolved by multiple 2×10-minutesudden death extra time periods; in these, the first team to score wins.

  • Dropping the camogie stick to handpass the ball is permitted.

  • A smaller sliotar (ball) is used in camogie – commonly known as a size 4 sliotar – whereas hurlers play with a size 5 sliotar.

  • If a defending player hits the sliotar wide, a 45-metre puck is awarded to the opposition (in hurling, it is a 65-metre puck)

  • After a score, the goalkeeper pucks out from the 13-metre line. (in hurling, he must puck from the end line)

  • The metal band on the camogie stick must be covered with tape. (not necessary in hurling)

  • Side-to-side charges are forbidden. (permitted in hurling)

  • Two points are awarded for a score direct from a sideline cut (since March 2012).


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